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“A man wants to live in his work and he wants to be close to his family; but in a town where work and family are physically separate, he is forced to make impossible choices among these desires.”

Christopher Alexander

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About Us

We are a team of young professionals conducting an experiment, seeking the most livable places on earth and introducing a human touch - architecture which helps individuals to become their best.


The Quality Of Emergence And Fractals

It is never twice the same, because it always takes its shape from the particular place in which it occurs.

It is a subtle kind of freedom from inner contradictions.

The prejudice of physics tells us all things are equally alive.

In physics and chemistry there is no sense in which one system can be more at one with itself than another.

And no sense at all in which what a system “ought to be” grows naturally from “what is”.

God always geometrizes.

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